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Caring for the animals of Athens

Followers of my site will know that I occasionally become involved in animal charity work, especially if it’s to do with cats as I adore my cat Felicity. ...

On March 17, 2014 / By

Overland to Hong Kong

Adventure Travel 2

Rounding off the trip nicely – and women on ships are NOT a bad thing!

Yes, I’m back in Athens now after my summer of fun…ready to face a new round of challenges. To round the trip off nicely, yesterday (30AUG) the ship ...

On August 31, 2013 / By

Islands In Greece

Islands in Greece 2

Greek island break – Poros

Back in 2011, I wrote a post about the Greek island of Poros.  It’s not far from the Greek mainland…by ‘slow’ ferry it takes about two hours (I ...

On May 11, 2013 / By

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Food around the world

Food around the world 4

Delicious desserts in Athens – Emi’s cupcakes

Cupcakes had never really taken off when I left the UK in 2008, bound for Greece. I moved to Athens in 2009 and it’s really only been in ...

On June 14, 2013 / By